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Who is SafeCities™?

On August 4, 2021

When asked about themselves, most people immediately answer the question of what they do. It’s the most straightforward approach – whether the focus is on their careers, their hobbies, or their family and relationships – we all know what we do, and it’s easy to be understood by others. 


It’s incredibly different, however, from answering who they are – a much more important question, but also a much more complicated answer.  

It’s simple to build our identities around our titles: police officer, telecommunicator, baseball enthusiast, college football fan, dog lover, mom, dad, daughter, brother – friend. And while those can certainly say a lot about us, somewhere in the intersection of it all is the core of what makes us different, special – what makes us, well, us


The same challenge is true of companies and what drives them.  While some companies exist to make a profit and build equity, we know most exist to make a difference – an impact. At SafeCities™ , that’s what we try to do every day to serve our communities.


For some reading this, it may be the first time you’ve heard of SafeCities™. But for many, this is a reintroduction. We’ve been serving the public safety industry for more than 40 years, and while some know us as our old company name – Informer Systems – most know us by our flagship product, Schedule Express. 


2020 and the pandemic that changed the world put most of our lives on hold in at least some way – though we know life never truly stops for first responders. For us, as was the case for many, it was a challenge – but also an opportunity. An opportunity to ask ourselves, and to answer: Who are we? 


It’s true that scheduling is what we do, but it’s only part of what we do – when introducing you to SafeCities™, we want to tell you about who we are. 


We are former first responders: Our entire service team brings an average of two decades of experience each as a first responder, as does everyone guiding the growth and development of the products and services we design to serve you. We know your needs and we understand your problems – because we’ve lived them. It’s why we are committed to providing the support you need – 24/7/365. 


We are public safety experts: The right schedule is more than shifts and hours – it puts you in control of your coverage needs and eliminates human error, while protecting your community and your workforce against the dangers of fatigue. We understand the risks and the challenges that our agency clients undertake every day to live their lives in service of our needs. It’s not about the schedule – it’s about the safety of people and communities. 


We are SafeCities™: We are proud to introduce ourselves – or reintroduce ourselves – behind a new brand that speaks to an established identity. We haven’t changed, but we have evolved. It’s why you can depend on us – completely. For intelligent tools. For remarkably responsive support. For truly trusted partnerships.  


For more than 40 years, our mission has been to support your mission – to make your cities safer.



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