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The importance of changing how we connect in a changing world

On January 29, 2022

Human needs are often considered first in the context of food, water, shelter. But we’re so much more than the basics, important as they are. To thrive, we require comfort, creativity – connection.


The COVID-19 pandemic taught everyone, for better and for worse, what a world without connection looks like. Brick-and-mortars shut down, our jobs went virtual – many lost theirs entirely, events were canceled, and we were heavily cautioned to remain home, alone. We were collectively forced into a greater change than most of us had ever previously experienced, and when we needed that human connection the most – we couldn’t have it. 


Two years ago was the beginning of this great social transition that changed the landscape of communicating and connecting as we know it. And it’s not done yet. We remain constantly finding ourselves adjusting and adapting to our ever-changing environment, and part of adjusting means re-learning how to build that human connection. 


In-person events have long been the standard for enjoying time with loved ones, meeting new people, networking with fellow professionals, learning about new products, and so much more. And while they will always have a place, the landscape has changed and now we must, too – as people, and as professionals. Birthday parties happen in a group video message. Work meetings are found in teleconferencing systems. Community events take place on Facebook Live. This shift in the world has presented a challenge – beyond all doubt. But in every challenge, there is opportunity.


Today, we have an opportunity to think outside of the box. While it can be tempting to focus on the change, focus on the challenge, and focus on how much we miss the way things were, to neglect to look for new chances, new changes, and the way things could be – well, it’s an outlook that may not serve us as people or as professionals.


It may not be what we wanted, or what we planned for, but it can certainly be what we make it. People and professionals can get creative in how we view and approach the nature of connections, events, and  what it means to be human. This may be how we get the family together, and it may be how businesses connect the product to the consumer. For nearly 10 years, events have been my personal and my professional passion. While there’s a part of me that will always miss the old and the familiar, I’m also excited to discover and create new ways to bring people together – personally and professionally. 


Our company, SafeCities™, is a completely remote business, and has been for more than 20 years. A virtual work environment means challenges, but it also means opportunity and freedom – a flexible work schedule, the ability to live where you want, and changing your scenery from your home office to your couch to the coffee shop down the street as often as you’d like. That said, we can’t deny the importance of in-person gatherings. We are always looking forward to the opportunity where we can get together and build a stronger connection. Whether we are exhibiting at a trade show, or planning a company outing, we appreciate the time we are able to spend together. 


While this is an environment we’ve grown used to for two decades internally, externally, we’re facing as many new challenges as most other businesses. It’s new. It’s uncertain. It’s intimidating.


But it’s exciting, too. This world is no better nor worse than the one we knew pre-pandemic. It’s just different. And to thrive, we need to be different, too. We have truly learned a lot in this time – about ourselves, about others, and about our communities. We’ve had to push ourselves out of our comfort zones in order to get creative with how we connect with our families, our friends, our colleagues, and the customers and clients that make our companies great. Now, we’re in a world that blends the classic ways of connecting, and the newer ways, and it’s taught us that there is no one way of thinking when it comes to building that human connection that we are all looking for to thrive – together.

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