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SafeCities™ Schedule Express

Schedule Express: powered by SafeCities™

On January 20, 2022


In a national commercial originally airing on Fox Business Network, SafeCities™ had the incredible opportunity to travel on site and speak with agency clients about the benefits of using Schedule Express to manage their public safety workforce.


Mark Musick, CEO

People want to live in safe communities – that might come in the form of them calling 9-1-1 in the case of emergency. Ideally, first responders are empowered with the appropriate tools and resources in order for them to effectively do their job. But, they're going to put themselves in a position, sometimes, where they're going to work more hours than they should. At SafeCities™, what we did is we went out into the marketplace, that being public safety, to try to understand what their challenges are in managing their workforce.


Jeffrey M. Alloway, station/scheduling officer
Glendale Police Department, AZ

Communities can make sure that the resources that they need are where they should be.


Amy Boger, public safety senior communications manager
St. Lucie County Department of Public Safety, FL

It has helped morale, to a big degree, to have more control over your schedule.


Frank J. Amandro, assistant public safety director
St. Lucie County Department of Public Safety, FL

One of the unique things we've found about Schedule Express is that we can build it on our own polices and procedures.


Mark Musick, CEO

Being a part of a team of first responders is some of the greatest work I'll ever be a part of.


Schedule Express powered by SafeCities™. Your workforce is your most valuable asset.




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