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SafeCities™ Press release

Schedule Express by Informer Systems Launches Major Rebrand

On August 15, 2021

Note: This article is a repost. The original article published by APCO International can be found on PSC Online. There are no changes in ownership, to our services, or to our representatives. The only change is how we present ourselves.


Informer Systems announces new brand and company name – SafeCities™ – dedicated to serving public safety and their mission to help agencies make their cities safer.


Austin, TX – August 1, 2021. SafeCities™, a national company formerly known as Informer Systems, announced today that it completed a major rebranding. Recognized primarily by their flagship product Schedule Express, the SafeCities™ team is excited to launch a new brand that speaks to an established identity – an unwavering commitment to serving public safety agencies across the country.


SafeCities™ is built by former first responders who develop technology solutions specifically for the public safety industry – with everyone on their product and service teams averaging more than 20 years’ experience directly on the line.


“Schedule Express is well known in the public safety industry – but we’re so much more than just a scheduling system, and we’re very proud to launch a new brand that represents who we’ve always been,” said Mark Musick, CEO. “Every person on our team who works with our clients understands their needs – because they’ve lived them.”


In public safety, there’s no substitute for products and services designed to serve their unique operating environments. The SafeCities™ team understands the goal of every first responder is to serve their communities – to make their cities safer. With an improved brand, SafeCities™ looks forward to continue designing smarter technology solutions and sharing their deep personal experiences to help agencies across the country.


Visit to explore the new website, brand, and business address.

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